By Tanya Bure

“A man`s home is his castle” – sometimes this saying has to become literal. Even if you live in the safest neighborhood of Denver, some extra precautions has never harmed anyone. Along with some additional confidence, it may add some significant value to the property once you decide to put it on the market. But we shall discuss this a bit later.

Let`s start with the raw statistics. How do you think a burglar will most probably enter your house? The answer is shockingly trivial – through the door! At least 34% of burglars just use the front door to enter your property. And 22% of “shy” ones will go through the back door. A quality door has always been and will stay your main protection from intruders.

Here are some more interesting facts. For example, in 2020 Denver saw 10 more violent crimes reported per 100,000 residents? The crime rate rose all over the country. It is pretty understandable – the Pandemic of COVID-19, Quarantine restriction, social unrest – all those are factors that have inevitably lead to the economic recession and unemployment. Anf those are fruitful soil for a criminal activity boost up. And though the dust seems to settle down, it is pretty obvious, that things won`t miraculously turn for a better tomorrow. Therefore thinking of your home`s security is the only logical responsible solution today.

That said, the main reason to get an iron security door becomes obvious. You want to secure your property and family members from intruders. But apparently, there are many more benefits of an iron security door.


Light in – intruders out!

Iron security doors are typically installed outside your entrance door and open out to the street. In other words – an iron security door opens towards the person who stands in the street, making a forceful break-in quite problematic. At the same time, they allow you to let sunlight and airflow into your home without compromising on the security of your property.

Scare off the burglars!

Forget everything you have seen in Hollywood movies. Burglars hardly ever aim for complicated, utterly secured properties, thinking that if there is some extra security, means those guys have something valuable to protect. Human psychology simply does not work that way. While picking the next victim, an average burglar will just surf the neighborhood looking for easy targets. As trivial as it may seem, the less secured your property is, the more chances you have to draw criminal attention. It is not rocket science indeed; an iron security door will indicate that your property is too much work to get involved with.

An iron security door saves your money

Except for the obvious anti-criminal way to save your money, an iron security door is simply a smart investment in the future. No matter how quality the building is, you may need to do some renovations from time to time. And when we speak about such frequently-used parts of a building like doors or windows, they need the most attention. Not just a security feature, doors are an important aesthetical factor. Moreover, you don`t want to get stuck in the house (or worse – outside), because the hinges, locks, or handles collapsed. Iron security doors are made of high-quality durable materials. Investing in it once, you may be sure to stay safe and secure in your house for ages.


You add significant value to your house

No one can see the future. Even if right now you think that you will live in your house forever, one day you may decide to sell it. Another possible scenario – your heirs may want to put it on the market someday. However, real estate is a highly-competitive world. Moreover, it becomes pretty tricky sometimes. The growth and drop in prices may be ultimately unpredictable. But some features always add value to any property. And additional security is one of them. When your house has quality iron security doors, you have a full right to increase the asking price.


Not just a door!

A quality security door will come with strong locks. And if we are talking about the advanced level of security, a heavy-duty keyed lock is usually accompanied by a deadbolt. And this is the main advantage of iron security doors comparing to analogs. Deadbolt makes your iron door literary unbreakable, making sure that no one will ever manage to get in (or out) unauthorized. And in case a deadbolt is not enough for you, you may always equip your iron security door with non-removable pin hinges for the ultimate security.

Stop the fire

Unfortunately, house fires are quite common today. Not only during the summer period but also in the winter. Especially during the holiday season when we tend to go crazy on illumination and electric appliance. Perfectly fireproof, iron security doors can hold the flames and keep them from spreading all over your property.

Looks also matter

Iron security doors are perfectly customizable. They can be tailored not only according to your measurements or security requirements but also – aesthetics. You may order various options, choose between colors and screen designs. So don`t worry that your iron security door will make your house look like a bank vault. Due to various customization options, they may be pretty stylish.


Iron security doors are the ultimate security solution. Installed in a house they keep you and your family safe. They let you lay back and relax in your own house feeling safe and secure, no matter what is going on in the outer world. But of course, iron security doors are not only a household solution. Installing an iron security door in your business, you protect your assets, save yourself a lot of time, nerves, and energy on dealing with the Police and Insurance in case of a burglary, fire, or any other disaster.

And while the benefits of iron security doors are pretty obvious, it is important to understand that 50% of success depends on proper measuring, manufacture, and installation. Make sure to address a trustworthy professional who has experience in the market and is familiar with the local peculiarities. In this case, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality iron security door that will become a smart investment in the prosperous future of your family or business