Which gates are the best for your property?

Gates might be the most multifunctional thing on your property. They settle the limitation of your territory, complete the overall design and architecture and, of course, keep the intruders away.

Technically, you may distinguish three types of gates according to their size and purpose:



Of course, the choice of the gate entirely depends on the type of your property, its size, available space, and capacities. Except for the gate’s kind and exterior, you may also choose between manual and automatic open and close and various other design, construction, and safety features.


The material for your gates


Of course, iron might be the first material that comes to mind when we talk about ultimately secure and durable gates. Today you may choose among various customizable options of iron gates for your property. The choice is limited by your imagination and budget, of course.

Iron gates are ultimately durable and low-maintenance. They can be tailored and designed precisely according to your preferences to reflect and extend your property’s style and architecture. Except for iron, you may also consider aluminum or steel gates as an alternative option.

The choice of metal depends on various factors. It is essential to consider your area’s climate and your general expectations from installing a gate at the property. Some see it as a classy and ultimate touch to the overall design and landscaping; others seriously consider their gates’ security function, putting protection and durability over aesthetics.


Choosing gates precisely for your property


The gates’ market is pretty vivid today. Therefore it is easy to get overwhelmed and confused. However, proper safety or driveway gate is a serious investment in the value of your property. It is something you want to install once and for good, making the gate an integral part of the whole property and even your legacy.

Let’s go through the main criteria to help you understand what type of gates and materials will be perfect for your property.


The size of your property

Of course, the size of your future gate will be directly proportional to the size and character of your property. Hardly can you imagine a mansion with a narrow walk-in gate only. However, the surrounding area is also essential. Even if you have a vast territory, double-drive gates may be pretty problematic for you once there is not enough space for maneuvering outside.


The style of property and its location

A gate will become an integral part of the architecture and landscape of your property. And not all types of safety and driveway gates fit in with any design. For example, as versatile as they may be, sliding gates won’t look harmoniously with a Victorian or classic mansion. Simultaneously, they are perfect for properties located in upstate, rural areas, or houses built according to edgy modern architecture trends.


The landscape and topography

The landscape peculiarities may seriously narrow down the choice of options for your security and driveway gates. For example, steep landscape or mountainous areas may prevent you from installing sliding gates or seriously alter the capacity of swinging ones. In this case, you will also have to think through the size of your driveway gates.


Your privacy and safety

This parameter determines the design of your future gates as well as their material. Many people prefer airy and artistic iron railing gates. Indeed, they can be customized according to your taste, becoming the ultimate piece of art. However, such gates are see-through and meant more to demonstrate your property’s advantages rather than protect your privacy.

In case you are looking for a gate that will cove you from the unwanted stare and keep uninvited guests away, you may want to consider solid-panel gates. Usually undecorated, they cover your view entirely and keep intruders out. The most common material for such gates is aluminum. Lightweight and durable, this metal is perfect for ultimately protective safety and driveway gates.


Open and close features

Are you planning to open and close the gates manually or wish to enjoy the benefits of progress and install automated gates? Some gate shapes work better with an electronic open-close feature. As long as sliding gates only move in one direction and their work principle is based on wheels rolling in a specially-designed gutter, they work perfectly with electronics. This feature is available for double drive gates also, but in this case, they may become less durable; the mechanism can ware-off faster due to friction and air resistance in windy weather.


As you see, there are many things to consider once you decide to install or replace the gates at your property. Some are purely aesthetical; others are a matter of functionality, durability, and even your safety. However, once you manage to pick the perfect gate for your property, you will enjoy all the benefits of safe and comfortable living in a house that you can ultimately call your fortress.