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Here at Action Security Iron, we perform custom metal fabrication to make protection products of all sorts. From security doors, gates, fences, and railings, we are sure to be able to outfit your space with some sort of fortification method that will make you feel safe. Giving you a sense of security is our number one goal, and our products are designed to do that through steel frames and integrated locksets that are specifically made to decrease chances of intrusion. Allowing Action Security Iron to perform your security door installation product can give you the confidence that your Castle Pines property is protected.

Our Custom Metal Fabrication Work in Castle Pines

Our company works with our clients to provide them with exactly what they want when it comes to the protection of their personal property. We pride ourselves in our work and our ability to turn your ideas into a secure, aesthetically-pleasing product for your Castle Pines home or business. Essentially, metal fabrication is the ability to create metal structures by mending raw materials together. Once we make and assemble it, we can come bring it to the site in Castle Pines and handle the security door installation as well.

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Protecting Places in Castle Pines with State-of-the-Art Security Products

People purchase security products because they are made with durable metals and reinforced features that stand up against to a multitude of things. Having a security door, fence, or gate installed can keep intruders out and your loved ones like kids and pets in. Some of our products are also designed to provide you with protection from storms and bad weather. Action Security Iron’s goal is to ensure the durability and quality of our products and afford you the protection and style you desire for your Castle Pines home or business.

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The philosophy we hold here at Action Security Iron in Castle Pines is to provide you with the absolute best in quality property protection no matter what product we are making for you. Our metal fabrication services are designed to take what we know in durability and what you wish for regarding design and have that culminate in your property that is being outfitted in a custom security system. Each staff member is highly trained in each phase of fabrication, assembly, and installation, and will complete professional work to make sure your place is safe. 


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Here at Action Security Iron, we provide clients in Castle Pines with quality metal fabrication. Our products are made from raw materials and suited for your personal needs of protection. Contact us in Castle Pines today for one-of-a-kind work that keeps you secure and satisfied!

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Action Security Iron is a security door and metal fabrication manufacturer. We manufacture steel security doors for residential and commercial buildings in Denver.