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The idea of being burglarized is terrifying - not only the fear of lost possessions but the invasion of your privacy in what you thought was a safe space can be very disturbing. To avoid falling victim to a robbery, call metal fabrication company Action Security Iron and ask us about designing a custom security door for your home or business in Castle Rock, no other service providers keep your best interests in mind like our skilled specialists.

Doing Metal Work Around Castle Rock

We use raw materials such as plate metal as well as formed and expanded metals when performing custom metal fabrication work. They are cut to size depending on the aesthetic and functionality-oriented specifications that each client provides. We use cutting and burning tools to shear and weld pieces of metal together to form design elements and incorporate added security measures. Finally, we perform a final assembly to connect all the various elements we crafted as one finished product before commencing installation at your Castle Rock home or business. 

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The Benefits of Security Door Installation

There are many advantages to having a strong steel security door at the entrance of your home or business in Castle Rock. The metal fabrication work we do is durable because it is designed with protection in mind, as we know you want to keep your property and possessions safe. We make a four-inch mainframe with an integrated lock set that is machined into the rectangular steel with thick steel plates added for increased durability. At Action Security Doors, we're here to make sure security door installation has you feeling safe in Castle Rock.

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Keeping Safe and Secure in Castle Rock

Regardless of where you live, crime happens, and the same is true for higher income areas like Castle Rock. There’s an average of over 800 property crimes that happen in Castle Rock annually, and your chances of falling victim are 1 in 65. To avoid becoming a part of either of those statistics, reach out to us for more information regarding our custom metal fabrication and to learn more about how our services can keep you protected.

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Here at Action Security Iron, we provide clients in Castle Rock with quality security doors. Our products are made from raw materials and suited for your personal needs of protection. Contact us in Castle Rock today for one-of-a-kind work that keeps you secure and satisfied!

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Action Security Iron is a security door and metal fabrication manufacturer. We manufacture steel security doors for residential and commercial buildings in Denver.