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The safety of your Denver home or business could be compromised if the doors in your home aren’t secure enough. It simply isn’t enough anymore to have a security system in your Denver home or business. After all, even the best security system available on the market won’t physically keep intruders out. Even though your security systems may alert you of an intrusion, a fast entry and escape can be made with your valued possessions if your home or building isn’t secure enough. That’s why Action Security Iron in Denver is here for your ultimate protection with our metal fabrication services. We provide you with custom options in Denver security doors to ensure the protection of your property.

Custom Iron and Steel Designs

When it comes to our custom metal fabrication services and designs here at Action Security Iron, we provide you with the most cost-efficient and productive assistance around. Our security door company prides itself in being the #1 steel fabrication company for your custom metal fabrication designs. Our growth as a company can be attributed to our innovative designs and top-notch customer service options. Pair these with affordable pricing and you have Action Security Iron for your security door designs. We even provide online services, so you can receive your custom iron security door straight to your home or business.


Custom Iron and Steel Fabrication for You in Denver

Here at Action Security Iron, we specialize in custom security doors, wrought iron doors, and custom metal fabrication products like fencing and guard rails, one-of-a-kind creations that are sure to inspire your imagination. After all, deciding what’s best for your property protection is no easy task. You not only want what will secure your home most efficiently, you also want to make sure that your additions never decrease the value of your home. That’s why you need Action Security Iron for all your property protection needs. Our custom metal fabrication designs and services are here to meet you in the middle for the protection you need, the designs you crave for your home or business exterior, all at the affordable prices you expect.

Action Security Iron, Your Choice in Custom Iron and Steel Fabrication

Our philosophy here at Action Security Iron for your custom metal fabrication services is to bring you the absolute best in quality property protection with our products and services. We pride ourselves in delivering you the security services you need when it comes to your entrances, as well as adding curb appeal and value to your home. Our unique style is certain to have you coming back for all your property protection needs.

Action Security Iron Provides

The Custom Metal Fabrication Services You Need

We offer several options when it comes to your custom iron or steel fabrication services. We provide our customers with options in screens, perforated steel, storm glass panels, self -storing glass panels, and even solar screens. We make it our goal to deliver you one-of-a-kind designs with all our custom iron or steel fabrication services.

We use AutoCAD Drawing software to ensure that your designs are precise and made specifically for your security needs. We even make our rough drafts available to you BEFORE fabrication to ensure that fabrication and production are 100% spot on.