When you’re looking to improve the security of the entrance to your Denver property, you may be considering a wrought iron or steel gate. Action Security Iron in Denver provides you with the custom protection you need when you’re looking to take that extra step. There are several advantages to having a steel gate installed for the protection of your Denver home or business. Below we’ll briefly break down our process of fabricating a one-of-a-kind design for you and your protection with Action Security Iron in Denver.

The Metal Gate Services You Need in Denver

Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures by mending them through a series of assembling tasks. This and additional instruction allow us to form your metal gate structure from raw materials. This operation includes cutting by numerical control, bending by hammering, and final assembly with welding and other mending tools. You will find that much of this is carried out by hand, ensuring that you get that original and unique feel with every design we provide here at Action Security Iron in Denver, every step of the way.

A Custom Wrought Iron or Steel Gate for Your Home

To begin the initial process of creating your one-of-a-kind iron gate structure, we start with the aesthetic view and design. We create a piece that both serves as proper protection from intrusion, as well as provide the look and feel you want for your metal gate. Then, we begin the forming process with your choice in raw material for your wrought iron or steel gate. Materials commonly used for these structures are plate metal or formed and expanded metal. We then cut the materials to size based on your custom design, utilizing cutting and burning tools to create individual pieces. One common tool used for this process is a “shearing” tool. From there, we finish with the final assembly of your metal gate, ensuring your steel or iron gate structure looks is in total working order.

Metal Fabrication

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Iron and Steel Gates Made Custom for Your Denver Property

The benefits of installing a wrought iron security door for your Denver home’s protection are endless. From the overall security of your belongings and loved ones to the visual appeal that a custom wrought iron security gate from Action Security Iron in Denver brings to your property, we have it all. When you’re in need of services for your metal gate or other vulnerable barriers, Action Security Iron in Denver is the only company entirely dedicated to you and your protection. We pride ourselves on our exceptional security products, our integrity, and our expert services. Give Action Security Iron a call today to find out how we can better protect you, your property, and your valuables!

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