When you’re looking to customize the exterior of your Denver property to improve the view, the classical functionality of wrought iron railings may be exactly what you need. Everyone can appreciate the vintage touch of iron railings, and with the durability needed for long-lasting use, your wrought iron railing nearly pays for itself. The choice is clear when it comes to the protection and durability you want. Read more below on metal fabrication and why wrought iron railing or steel railing from Action Security Iron may be just what you’re looking for.

Custom Metal Railing Designs for Your Denver Home

Metal railing fabrication is the process of creating metal structures from raw material by the process of mending and assembling. This allows us to create your unique and original structure which includes cutting by numerical control, bending by hammering, and final assembly through welding techniques. Additional cutting and burning tools are also used for this operation. Much of this development is carried out by hand, ensuring you the one-of-a-kind product that you expect from the local company you trust with your custom metal railing.

Your Choice in Iron and Steel Railing Services

We begin by laying out your Denver custom wrought iron or steel railing design. Our goal is to work with you every step of the way, utilizing your own ideas for your custom iron railing structure. We then begin the process of forming and mending using the raw materials that you specify. Materials commonly used are plate metal or formed and expanded metal. The raw materials then must be cut to size, depending on the specifications of your custom wrought iron railing or steel railing design. This process includes cutting and burning tools, though the most common tool used for this is a “shearing” or “metal working” tool. Machining and welding follow to remove unwanted material from the raw structure. Lastly, we complete the final assembly of your iron railing, ensuring that your metal railing is in perfect working order for your Denver home or business.

The Metal Railing Services You Need in Denver

When you’re in need of metal railing services for your home security, Action Security Iron in Denver is the only company entirely dedicated to your steel railing designs and protection. We pride ourselves on our exceptional security products, our integrity, and our expert services. Give Action Security Iron a call today to find out how we can better protect you, your property, and your valuables.

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