Are you in search of that extra step in security for your Denver home or business? Your solution may be window well covers from Action Security Iron in Denver, custom-made to suit your needs. We’re the best around for quality window security and window guards to further protect your home or business. Action Security Iron in Denver has provided the best in exterior home security for over 30 years. The advantages of quality window security bars and window well covers are numerous. They dramatically decrease your odds of burglary and intrusion, especially if you're located in a vulnerable Denver neighborhood. We all know what they say, that you can never be too careful. Our custom window well covers, and window security bars are fabricated from raw materials here at Action Security Iron in Denver. Below briefly break down our process to provide a better understanding of metal fabrication.

Custom Window Well Covers for Your Denver Home

Metal fabrication, in short, is the ability to design and create an original metal structure by mending through tedious assembling processes. It is this operation that allows us to form your original window well covers or window guards from raw materials. Fabrication of these materials include cutting by numerical control, bending by hammering, and assembly with welding techniques. Much of this process is carried out by hand, ensuring you that we care for each one of our Denver designs. We strive to provide you with an original window cover design that you’re completely satisfied with. Join Action Security Iron and let us provide you with the window security bars and class that your Denver home deserves, today!

Our Process in Custom Window Well Covers and Guards

The initial process of forming your one-of-a-kind window well cover structure for your Denver home begins with the raw materials used for your iron screen or storm door. Materials commonly used are plate metal or formed and expanded metal. The raw materials then must be cut to size, depending on the specifications of your window well covers or window guards. This process includes cutting and burning tools, though the most common tool used for this is a “shearing” or “metal working” tool. Machining and welding follow to remove unwanted material from the raw structure. Lastly, the final assembly will take place, ensuring that your window well cover, or window guards are in perfect working order for your window security.

Your Choice in Window Security Bars in Denver

When you’re in need of services for your window well covers or window guards, Action Security Iron in Denver is the only company entirely dedicated to you and your protection. We pride ourselves on our exceptional security products, our integrity, and our expert services. Give Action Security Iron a call today to find out how we can better protect you, your property, and your valuables.

About Us

Action Security Iron is a security door and metal fabrication manufacturer. We manufacture steel security doors for residential and commercial buildings in Denver.